TNTEU revaluation results 2017

Flash news : tnteu results 2016 – 2017 will be published very soon …

Southindia page will give all results from tamilnadu teachers education university.

we give counselling details from lady willington college.

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TNTEU revaluation results 2016

tnteu website for results and admission

lady willington college site for b.ed counseling 2016 – 2017

tamil nadu teacher education university results From South India

directorate of collegiate education home page


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  1. Sugadev Says:

    B.ed result

  2. Prabhu Says:

    Revaluation result inform date

  3. bhuvan Says:

    plz give me b.ed revalution conform date

  4. thabassum Says:

    tnteu B.Ed revaluation result when will be published.reply soon

  5. prabhu Says:

    When the b.ed revalution result?

  6. prabha Says:

    when the tn b.ed(2012-13) revaluation result?

  7. Kalpana Says:

    When will be the revaluation result published. kindly tell me. I check daily in website. but not yet published

  8. thabu Says:

    plz tell when will be published tnteu B.Ed revaluation result.

  9. bala Says:

    when the bed revaluation result?

  10. sakthi Says:

    b.ed revaluation result

  11. revathi Says:

    please revaluation result comeing date

  12. Ulaganathan Says:

    Pls Tnteu revaluation result details give me

  13. kavitha Says:

    when b.ed revaluation results 2013 will come? pls reply now

  14. sankar pandi Says:

    pls inform the revalution result date

  15. a.k. hemalatha Says:

    please tel me when is the revaluation result.

  16. revathi p Says:

    please result when puplished date send me

  17. Durai Says:

    Please revaluation result date

  18. S. Daisy Says:

    When will be the B.Ed. revaluation result published.

  19. k.narayanaswami Says:

    when will you puplised the b.ed revaluation result

  20. k.Geethadevi Says:

    tell me b.ed revaluation result-2013

  21. Anbu Says:

    when will be the B.Ed revaluation results published plz tell me

  22. vikish Says:

    when wil you anounce b.ed revaluation date?

  23. Ramraj Says:

    when is b.ed result will be anounce

  24. revathy Says:

    pls announce the revaluation result date

  25. Daniel.A Says:

    when will be the B.Ed revaluation results, Please tell me, I am waiting for that.

  26. Daniel.A Says:

    please tell me when b.ed retotaling result


    please tell me when b.ed revaluation result

  28. Rohini Says:

    sir announce the revaluation result date . pls

  29. a.k. hemalatha Says:

    when is the b.ed revaluation result date.plz announce

  30. selvaraj Says:

    revalue results…….date september 24

  31. kalai Says:

    plz give me revalution B.ed result & conform date available…

  32. praveen Says:

    pls give the positive results tous

  33. machi Says:

    please b.ed revaluation result comeing soon date

  34. machireva Says:

    result when puplished

  35. Ram Says:


  36. shiny Says:

    when is the revaluation result will be published

  37. rajkumar Says:

    plz give me B.Ed revalution result

  38. sankar Says:

    please inform b.ed revalution result date. reply now

  39. s.ranjani Says:

    I want the conformation date for B.Ed revalution result.

  40. sankeshkanna Says:

    M.Ed revaluation result when will publish?

  41. ravi Says:

    pls inform us the date of b.ed revaluation result pls pls pls

  42. Allwin Says:

    result innum one month aagum

  43. vinoth Says:

    when will be the bed revaluation result?

  44. suresh Says:

    when wl b the published bed result
    pls say atleasd

  45. sathish raja Says:

    plz tell me when will be b.ed revaluation result ..

  46. Periyasamy.C Says:

    When will be the published M.Ed Revaluation result?

  47. Raghu Says:

    pls sollunga romba kastama iruku

  48. murugesan Says:

    when will you publish the bed revaluation result 2013? please tell me the date

  49. santhosh.s Says:

    when will u announce b.ed rusult pls tell me

  50. santhosh.s Says:

    i have passed …. so pls announce revaluation result. by santhosh from swamy vivekanantha college

  51. santhosh.s Says:

    iam santhosh from orathanadu… pls announce b.ed revaluation result

  52. Allwin Says:

    university inform:
    result in two weeks

  53. raj Says:

    When will you publish the M Ed revaluation result 2013 So please tell me the date sir

  54. N.Karthikeyan Says:

    Dear sir,

    pls B.ED revaluation result inform sir

  55. manikandan Says:

    when will you publish bed revaluation result 2013 ? please inform the date sir.

  56. M.RENGASAMY Says:

    please inform the bed revaluation result sir .

  57. praksh Says:

    please give the bed revaluation date sir

  58. Ram Says:

    Epom result

  59. Allwin Says:

    next week result pray him…

  60. ARJUN Says:

    Pls inform the b.ed revaluation result date.

  61. M.R.Ram Says:

    M.ed revalueson result podunga mphil panaum

  62. Sirtrarasan Says:

    When will the results for re evaluation are declared? Please inform the releasing date soon

  63. jeeva Says:

    supplementary exam application. when it will come

  64. Sheela Says:

    B.Ed. Revaluation results will be published on 4th october-2013

  65. Mani Says:

    When tnteu publish bed revaluation result?

  66. p.selladurai Says:

    b.ed revaluation result date pls

  67. latha Says:

    m.ed revaluation result date sir.

  68. rohini Says:

    Is it true? that revaluation result of B.Ed will be announced on october 4th – 2013 pls say madam

  69. santhosh.s Says:

    b.ed revaluation result wiil be published on friday

  70. Tarun Says:

    Hi friends coming friday (04/10/13) B.ed Revaluation result published sorce by TNTEU chennai…

  71. suresh kumar.d Says:

    when will come to revaluation result 2013

  72. suresh kumar.d Says:

    what is mean by moderation

  73. SIVAKUMAR Says:

    I’m doing M.Ed in Gandhigram university, I eagerly waiting for B.Ed revaluation result for continue this course inform it fastly

  74. dinesh Says:

    I am waiting for result

  75. Sugu Says:

    hey rohini nee ena college pa

  76. malar s Says:

    pls tell me my revaluation result!

  77. Ramya Says:

    pls give me revaluation result date

  78. anandraj Says:

    respected sir please inform b ed revaluation result
    i am waiting for further steps to my future…

  79. selva Says:

    universityku phone pandi ketta 10 days agumnu soldranga …..tnteu number :-04428447304 or change last 5……

  80. thirumalvalavan Says:

    kindly publish revaluation result soon.

  81. Stanly Jino Says:

    When will you publish M.Ed Revaluation result.

  82. M.R.Ram Says:

    Amma result podunga ponunga,pasanga avala erukanga

  83. ARJUN Says:

    Respected Sir. I’m a Visually Disabled Person. Please Inform The B.Ed Revaluation Result Date.

  84. m.r.thenmozhi Says:

    Respected sir we are eagerly expecting our B.Ed revaluation result,we are in a confusion stage so kindly publish the result as early as possible.

  85. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Today i made phone call to TNTEU 044 28447304 . . They said it take more than a week to publish revaluation results . .

  86. Nooruddin Says:

    When revaluation result will be published.. pls annouce very soon.. we spend a lot of time to see wether the result comes r not.. plz reply the confirm date

  87. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Please publish the revaluation result before TET results . .

  88. Allwin Says:

    RESULT vara one month aaguma

  89. M.R.Ram Says:

    Result epom poduvinga epadie wait panne yamanthathu than mejam 1year waste sir

  90. Manojkanna Says:

    Result is ready. But Higher education minister is on leave. The results will be published after he will join the duty.

  91. G. Buwaneshwari Says:

    Romba dan wait panna vakkirunga … ippadi panna eppadinga sir… enna mathiri evvalao studentz wait panranga ..

  92. Karan Says:

    This is what happens if u vote for such ineffecient gutless bafoons. Everthing including the results should come out with the signature or an announcement from AMMA. So the ministers are waiting at the poes garden gate with the results for the past one month. No appointment so far. WAIT> WAIT

  93. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    We are not able to continue our further higher studies . . Please publish the revaluation results sir . .

  94. venice Says:

    result poda mudiuma ila mudiyatha da.. Officela utkanthu arata adikra timea koncha koRanga da..manasactiyae ilathavangla..

  95. J.Karthi Says:

    when is revaluation result? I am still waiting others opportunity

  96. jegan Says:

    Pls update revaluation result???

  97. Allwin Says:

    My mark 27 pass potruvangala?

  98. inbha Says:

    34 page complete pani eruntha 90%chance eruku.

  99. inbha Says:

    every has action has reaction with early

  100. inbha Says:

    every action has reaction with early

  101. selva Says:

    ithu velaikku agathu vara idaitherthal a students ninnathan intha nilamai marum

  102. Gunasekaran Says:

    No use Mr.Selva. That student will certainly be defeated. People should change. Even the boys parents would not vote for him.
    People in the CM’s office should apply their mind . See how many students are waiting for just the revaluation . It can be done in a fortnight , if the TNTEU really wishes. But people in that department have kept their hearts at their houses when come to work.,. That is why this thing happens. Whom to blame?? We are to be blamed. We have voted in such people to run the state So we have to bear such inhuman people’s acts.

  103. saravanan Says:

    i am waiting revaluation result

  104. SATHISH Says:

    Hai! Good News to all. Result date announced govt. website.

  105. G. Buwaneshwari Says:

    Idhu enna teachers education university’a illa time pass university’a.. romba slow ,. UGC le complaint kudakkanum, comments ellam padikiringla illaiya , namma time’a waste panringa…

  106. santhosh.s Says:

    sir unga kaala viluren ..nan tet la pass akiten.seekiram result podunga sir..en life.and en familyoda ethirkalam unga kaila than iruku. so pls announce b.ed revaluation result.. friends pray for my future..i wiill pray for u… by santhosh from orathanadu..

  107. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Hi santhosh . . how much marks did you got . .

  108. ravi Says:

    my mark is 29.. Pass patruvangala.. Ipa share panramariye result vandhathukapramum marks share panunga pa.. All the best for all who r waiting for the results

  109. Allwin Says:

    result epa sir?date sollunga? rompa kastama irruku…

  110. ARJUN Says:

    இத்தனை பேர் Request பன்னியாச்சு! என்ன நடக்குமோ? எப்ப தான் B.Ed Result வருமோ? இப்படியே யோசிச்சி யோசிச்சி B.P ஏறிடும் போலருக்கே!

  111. Siva Says:

    friends pls announced the information of bed revalue date

  112. inbha Says:

    post graduate ku trb result vanthurucu

  113. Siva Says:

    inba …. revalue pathi theriyuma???

  114. Allwin Says:

    Frnz ungaluku theriuma result date epa nu?

  115. bala Says:

    universityla one week akumnu solrangapa .ana date sollala

  116. raja Says:

    result coming friday here house wait

  117. G. Buwaneshwari Says:

    Enakku azhugai azhugai’a varudu… result eppadan poduveenga.. illavu late panna eppadi… we feel toooooo bad … inda mnth salary kodukkalaiya????? Enna daan unga pblm adavadu sollunga.. atleast date of result avdu sollunga… ungalala headache’ a vanduchu… paavam students ellam wait chenji chenji kaduppayi tanga… inda comments a padinga …

  118. Karan Says:

    What the hell are u doing in ur office????? Why dont you hear the voices of thousands of students waiting for the past 2 months to get the revaluation results. Dont u have children??? or are you impotent dumb heads. The future of so many of students are in your hands. God will never forgive you for ur mistakes. You in the TNTEU will one day retire and then u will feel what a common man faces everyday. Your own sons and daughters will SPIT ON YOU as we SPIT ON YOU NOW.

  119. SELVA Says:

    I will call today tnteu office …. said this week results vanthurumnaga ….

  120. Raja.p Says:

    Frenz en mark 25 in psycology. Enaku pass poduvangala?

  121. SELVA Says:

    enaku head vedichurum pola irukku …. na TET LA 92 MARKS….. pls revalue results epa my phone number :-9843834371

  122. ravi Says:

    hai selva did u called tnteu

  123. ravi Says:

    yarukathu result epanu theriuma solunga pls

  124. SELVA Says:

    yes ravi intha weeklanu sonaaga

  125. ravi Says:

    m pakalam selva ipdiye than solranga.. Kadaisila indha commentlam nama matm than pakarom pola.. Sutha waste

  126. R.Kumar Says:

    040 23204735
    020 25691477

  127. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Please publish the result soon sir . . TET result varadukulla announce pannunga. We not able to continue our studies . . Please don’t let us to waste one year . .

  128. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    When will you publish the result . .

  129. G. Buwaneshwari Says:

    I toooo agree on your comment Mr KARAN…
    God will punish them… we spend our time to see the result…bt no use … i think these guys are on leave… otherwise the didnot switch on thier systems… useless fellows

  130. ganesan Says:

    what happen to VC and other people who are taking care of the university? It will take just one week for revaluation. But the lazy gangs in the university din’t mind it. It was a wonderful joke that revaluation application appeared in the university NEW list with older date.

  131. Allwin Says:

    idhu sariya varathu..paper news kodutha thaan sariya varum..

  132. karthi Says:

    how publish the revaluation result b.ed


    B.Ed.revaluvaction result eppatha varumo pathu pathu BP tha athikam than akuthu please come soon result ya

  134. santhosh.s Says:

    revaluation result will be announce on friday friends.. all the best to all by santhosh

  135. santhosh.s Says:

    friends i pray for u….nammpunga ellorum pass aakidalam…

  136. Nooruddin Says:

    Hai Santhosh do you exactly on friday or it is ur guess ….

  137. Allwin Says:

    friday result ah?

  138. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Innaiku aftn 12.30pm ku nan tnteu la call panni ketaduku innum 10 days agum nu sonnanga . .

  139. ARJUN Says:

    Hai Freinds! Last Year இதே Time’க்கெல்லாம் Revaluation Result வந்தாச்சு! But, இந்த Year தான் ரொம்ப Late பன்றாங்க! 1st போன Friday Resultனு சொன்னாங்க! இப்ப Result எப்ப வரும்னே தெரியல! படா பேஜாரா போச்சிப்பா!

  140. SELVA Says:

    santhosh ungaloda pesanum….. nanum tet la pass my number :- 9843834371


  141. ravi Says:

    re exam pathi ethum information vanducha epa apply pananum

  142. gopi Says:

    monday revaluation result

  143. J.Karthi Says:

    pls result date

  144. SELVA Says:

    re exam date december 12,,,,,Selva 9843834371

  145. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Please sir announce the result soon. I got pass marks in TET. Tet exam ku evlo sincere ah padichano ademadiri dan b.ed kum padichen. But unfortunately i got low marks in b.ed. Without b.ed result my tet mark is useless sir . . Please don’t make it late sir . .

  146. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Friends please everyone pray for our revaluation result. It must come soon and we everyone must pass and get good marks . .

  147. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Enaku job late aana paravalla . . ana revaluation result’nala job late aaga kudadu sir . . Please announce the result . . PLEASE SEE OUR COMMENTS . .

  148. Allwin Says:

    Result vara 10 days aagumam?

  149. Idhaya Says:

    already it is too late , how can we entere in a job?

  150. SELVA Says:

    I think results will come tomorrow

  151. S. Daisy Says:

    When will be published B.Ed. Revaluation result? This is our life. We are waiting for such a long time. dont delay. parents and friends are asking. you are so delayed. please do it fast.

  152. inbha Says:

    frdsss. oru idea.
    puthiya thalai murai tv ku complaint panalaam. na paniten.neengalum panunga. apa tha oru mudivu varum.
    puthiya thalaimurai website

  153. inbha Says:

    frds. result seekaram varanumna puthiya thalaimurai ku mail panunga. nadakum.

  154. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    I am going to complaint in UGC

  155. SELVA Says:

    comments pandrathu waste …. … avinunga epa vidubanungalo apa tha viduvanunga

  156. gopi Says:

    tmrw result varuvathuku chance iruku

  157. ARJUN Says:

    போற போக்கபார்த்தா நண்பர் செல்வா சொல்ற மாதிரி தான் நடக்கும் போல! அட University மவராசன்களா! எப்பதான்டா வரும் எங்க Revaluation Result? சொல்லித் தொலைங்கடா!

  158. sumitha.j Says:

    revaluation waitting.
    12166453 register no.

  159. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    When will you publish the results . .

  160. Allwin Says:

    result innum varala?

  161. teacher Says:

    university la …. tevaluetion papper erinchu pocham….. pls seekiram university ku phone panduga ila elarum fail than

  162. SELVA Says:

    its our life…… ithukkellam university karanunga anupavipapeengada

  163. hema Says:

    pls inform me about the b.ed revaluation results…i request u to send me the date

  164. revathy Says:

    eppathaan result varum plsssssssssssss

  165. revathy Says:

    varumaa ? varavea varaatha????????????????

  166. Raj Says:

    Eathan result v2vega. Sir

  167. Sugu Says:

    revathi un register number ena.

  168. Allwin Says:

    Result ennachu?

  169. thiru Says:

    results will be published only by next week. so wait, wait……………

  170. raji Says:

    when do you have idea to publish the results? atleast inform the date soon…………….

  171. ARJUN Says:

    Hai Friends! Controller Of The Examination Phone Number உங்க யாருக்காவது தெரியுமா? Please Reply.

  172. Allwin Says:

    frnz i’m really upset..2day i’m going to tnteu uni..inum vela mudiyala pending iruku..10days ku mela aagumam

  173. ARJUN Says:

    என்ன? இன்னும் 10 நாள் ஆகுமா? ஆல்வின்! நீங்க கேட்டு Confirm பன்னிட்டீங்களா Brother?

  174. Allwin Says:

    yes maximum 7to 10days aagumunu office la sonangA

  175. SELVA Says:

    alwin 7 days na….10 days na
    date 22 ayurume

  176. Allwin Says:

    yes..october20 ayidum

  177. SELVA Says:

    alwin nan tet la pass …. tet resultsku munnaadi revalue results vanthuruma

  178. a.k. hemalatha Says:

    plz when will u publish the result?

  179. Allwin Says:

    Enda intha uni la padichomunu iruku?frnz result udaney varanumuna paper news and media ya vu ku? epadiyavathu theriyapaduthunga?

  180. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    When will you publish the result . . please do it soon

  181. ARJUN Says:

    Hai Friends! TET Result இன்னும் 10Daysல வரப் போகுதாம். ஆனா இந்த Universityல இன்னும் Dead Slowல வேல நடக்குது. என்னத்த சொல்றது இவனுங்கள்?

  182. J.Karthi Says:

    pls announce revaluation result date

  183. ARJUN Says:

    Result எப்ப வரும்னு பாத்து பாத்து Tension தான் ஆகுது. நம்ம Time ரொம்பவே Waste ஆகுது.

  184. ARJUN Says:

    Result எப்ப வரும்னு பாத்து பாத்து
    Tension தான் ஆகுது. நம்ம Time ரொம்பவே Waste ஆகுது.

  185. Priya Says:

    Hai frnds enathu mark 29 pass paniduvangala

  186. inbha Says:

    frds result vanthurum. neenga tnsn aagaama erunga. tnsn a kuraikanumna mail panunga. pesaren. mind a rush aakkaathinga. mental prblm. varum.. so be cool always.. paathukalaam nanba…

  187. Nandhu Says:

    Hi what’s ur reg no ican tell ur result with my power:)

  188. ravi Says:

    epathan result varum date’avathu solalamla.. Re exam epa apply pananum clg la than form vanganuma

  189. nabeela Says:

    plz published the revaluation result soon plz sir

  190. Allwin Says:

    oct 20 kulla result vanthudum

  191. reshma Says:

    please send result sir.

  192. ganesan Says:

    mamukala innum xerox copyye varale athukkupiraaguthan revaluation paththi yosippanga dont worry guys any how we will get the result before 12-12-13 because the suppllementary exam starts on that day.

  193. bala Says:

    My Mark is 27 in guidance and counseling. ennaku pass poduvangala…

  194. E.Ranjith kumar Says:

    hi when sir publish result very tension my mark 27 they ll give pass mark very confuse friends tis my no 9488457010

  195. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    I lost my hope

  196. Kavi Says:

    sirrrrrrrrr pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss result podunga

  197. .Ram Says:

    Result potache house ku lettar la varumam tnteu la solitanga wait panunga

  198. ravi Says:

    hai ram.. Is it true.. Result potacha confirm’a theriuma

  199. Allwin Says:

    Result epa

  200. Karthi vellore Says:

    How to publish my result my no 9994072583

  201. tarun Says:

    last year one month la result vanthuchu but ippo innum result varala ippudiye pochuna complaint letter university mela anuppa vendiyathu thaan…..

  202. .Ram Says:

    Real than conform k.wait panunga latter anupuvanga athula parunga k don’t worry

  203. Saran Says:

    result ennachu?epa varum?date theriuma

  204. Shahul Says:

    Ivanunga result podarathukkulla kalyanam aayi kulandaiye porandhidum…

  205. santhosh.s Says:

    i have passed paper 1 and paper 2 in so pls announce b.ed revaluation result. pls by santhosh from ond ..

  206. true Says:

    Today 15.10.13 still we are not geting Revaluation Result. Y university peoples dont understands our feelings this is our future many persons waiting for his higher studies. atleast tell the reasons for delayed results y not open ur mouths. This so bad for all students

  207. inbha Says:

    15000 posting podaraanga. tet la pass but b.ed revalue enam varalai…
    yena kodumai sir ethu.. yaarukaathu sure a therinjatha solunga. tet la pass aanavanga conduct me. mail panunga.

  208. inbha Says:

    result vanthurum but marksheet??? tet verification kula vanthuruma????
    tet la pass aanavanga mail panunga. conduct me.

  209. saran Says:

    current week revaluation result confirm

  210. Saran Says:

    revaluation poda mattum rs750 kattanum..athuvum correct date soldringala..result matum enda podala manakettavangala…

  211. Saranya Says:

    Result epa sir?

  212. inbha Says:

    yaarukaavathu letter r information crct a vantha solunga.

  213. palani Says:

    B.ed results published or not pl clarify

  214. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Is it true that our result will come by post . .

  215. Priya Says:

    Hai frnds eppa revalution result theriuma

  216. inbha Says:

    100% sure ah 22/10/13 kula result net la varum. + oru silar ku letter varum.vanthurukum.

  217. Saranya Says:

    result sikiram vidunga..naan 27mark pass potruvangala..

  218. santhosh.s Says:

    i have passed both papers.. result epo. pls pray for me by santhosh (9566369709). ethavathu information therinja condect pannunga. pls

  219. gopi Says:

    hai frnds when we can expect our results please reply me

  220. Suman Says:

    university call pani kettathuku one week aagumam

  221. karthi Says:

    revaluation result eppo sir i’m get 31 mark pass panvana sir pleas tell me

  222. Karthi Says:

    Hi inba kandipa result vanthuduma this week la

  223. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Hi friends the candidates who at all applied xerox copy for answer sheet only receiving their paper by post. But they did not got result. For them also result will come in internet.

  224. Suman Says:

    Result epa sir innum varala

  225. inbha Says:

    sure karthi..22 kula result

  226. G. Buwaneshwari Says:

    Result a podunga da , romba dan seen poduringada…. idhellam oru university a da….porumaikku oru limit irukku… unga pasangalum anabavippanga .. chey

  227. Karthi Says:

    Ok inbha..! All is well

  228. Priya Says:

    frnz date solunga epa result?

  229. inbha Says:

    today m letter varalaina romba happy a erunga. fail aanavangaluku (no change) thaan letter potrukaanga.pass aanavangaluku net la thaan result.
    so be cool.
    4 day kula result.

  230. gopi Says:

    thank you my dear friends

  231. Karthi Says:

    Inbha yaruku na letter vantha

  232. inbha Says:

    mark change aagaathavangaluku letter anupitaanga.
    letter varaathavangaluku net la varum. almost pass thaan varum.

  233. Karthi Says:

    Appo na 31 mark pass thana inbha

  234. inbha Says:

    28 page ku mela yeluthi eruntha pass potruvanga (yela question m atn panana enam sure a pass)

  235. Priya Says:

    inba naan27 mark pass potruvangala..ithu varaiku yarukavathu letter vanthuruka..

  236. inbha Says:

    be cool. pass thaan. pass a fail aa ngarathu prblm ela. marksheet seekaram varanum. athaan prblm.

  237. ganesan Says:

    enga collegela UEN1 la 13 mark vangia oru ladykku letter varale appo passa?

  238. Priya Says:

    inba ungaluku epadi therium letter anupuvanganu..uni la ketingla

  239. inbha Says:

    nala yeluthi eruntha pass varum. total mistake aana chance eruku.
    r mark change aagi erukalaam.

  240. Allwin Says:

    inba letter varumunu epadi therium?yaarukavathu vanthuruka

  241. inbha Says:

    no change nu vanthuruku.

  242. Allwin Says:

    Apadina 2mrw.. day a.f.tmr..letter varakudathu apadithaney..

  243. inbha Says:

    yes. but chance elai. varaathu.

  244. inbha Says:

    puthiya thalaimurai la 1 hr ku munaadi vantha news
    b.ed maru mathipeedu mudivu published.
    maruthervirku apply pana nov21 last date.
    someone (yenaku mail pani erukaanga.)
    but net la varalai.

  245. Allwin Says:

    naan pass

  246. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Revaluation results announced friends . . I am pass

  247. SELVA Says:


  248. VINO Says:


  249. Kannan Says:

    Where did they publish the results? Internet or Post??? please share. I have not received yet thru any means.

  250. Allwin Says:

    pass paniten.. paarunga frnz..
    all the best

  251. priya Says:

    pass paniten…frnz..
    marksheet..provisonal epa varum..theriuma

  252. Kannan Says:

    Thanks selva. i got the results. thanks for your help

  253. Nooruddin Says:

    Dear frndz..
    I have passed in revaluation scored 60/80..
    B12157927… i hearty thanx to my unknown frndzzz who r Ncouraging in this comments site… all the best to u all

  254. Rajesh R Kumar Says:

    Vazhga TNTEU. Our next target is TET results. All the best my dear friends . . Let us pray EVERYONE OF US MUST PASS IN TET. . I am Rajesh from Uthiramerur.

    find me Facebook at or

  255. SIVAKUMAR.K Says:

    Thanks TNTEU I Continue my M.Ed course without fail.

  256. Karthi Says:

    Nan pass panita friends

  257. .Ram Says:

    Priya nanum m.ed pass thank you god

  258. reshma Says:

    i am pass my frendz.

  259. J.Karthi Says:

    I am pass thanks tnteu

  260. SELVA Says:

    .D.T.E.D.BA.B.ED ..9843834371

  261. KUMAR Says:

    Epa pro…markshet varum..theriuma frnz

  262. SELVA Says:


  263. santhosh.s Says:

    i have passed b.ed. thanks to my friends… in tet paper 1_ 96 marks. and paper 2_ 105 marks. thanks to every one. by santhosh(9566369709) d.ted.,b.a., b.ed.,

  264. rohini Says:

    I have passed in revaluation . thank u very much for tnteu .really god is great ya .By Rohini D.T.Ed,M.A,B.Ed.,

  265. KUMAR Says:

    markshet vara one month aagumam?unmaiya

  266. SELVA Says:


  267. muthuraj Says:

    80/55 naan pass..frnz..inba epa m.sheet varumam theriuma…

  268. ARJUN Says:

    Hai Friends! நான் Net Pack போடாததால உங்ககூட Contact பன்ன முடியல. நானும் B.Ed Pass ஆகிட்டேன். அனைவரும் Pass ஆனதில் I’m So Happy! இதே போல TETலயும் எல்லாரும் Pass ஆவோம்! Don’t Worry! Be Happy! என்றும் அன்புடன்
    ARJUN B.A.B.Ed.,

  269. Raji.sp Says:

    Hai friends pls tell me.when will come revaluation certificate

  270. selva Says:

    hai friends,
    eapa mark sheet kudupanga ,pls yarukayathu therincha solunga

  271. inbha Says:

    clg la eruku.poi vaangikunga.yepavo vanthuruchu

  272. muthuraj Says:

    inba neenga vanketengla..enga clg la keta epa varum nu theriyathu nu soldranga

  273. karthi Says:

    hi friends mark sheet eppo varum revaluation marksheet pa

  274. vishwa Says:

    Na b.ed la 4 pappers re apear .. tet la 36 marks enaku govt job kidaikuma??? Pls tell me conduct 9788290211

  275. k thirumalvalavan Says:

    when will you publish revised marksheet? will they provide before certificate verification for tet? hai freinds if anybody knows plse inform

  276. raji Says:

    when will the revised marksheets published? when shall we get marksheet from college?

  277. thirumalvalavan Says:

    my contact number is 9566941955. kindly inform me the date of issuing the revised marksheet. i thank my friends for their prayers for me i too got pass mark in revaluation. so thanks a lot.

  278. KUMAR Says:

    clg’la kettathuku palaya m’sheet ah uni ku thirupi anupitom..inimey than new m.sheet provisonal varumunu intha mnth end la varum

  279. SELVA Says:

    Friends enga college la inum 10 days la vanthurum sollurunganga …. I think next week… SELVA 9843834371

  280. KUMAR Says:

    m.sht vanthuruchu

  281. SELVA Says:

    mr. kumar serious ah mark sheet vanthurucha????

  282. Raji.sp Says:

    Hai friends am also passed in revaluation…and TET also…my tet mark is 95…b.ed 72%

  283. kumar Says:

    selva vanthuruchu naan vankiten

  284. raji Says:

    mr.kumar enga college la marksheet varalanu solranga nenga nejamavae vangitingala?

  285. SELVA Says:

    kumar neenga epa old mark sheet anupneenga? ?? my conduct number 9843834371

  286. Raji.sp Says:

    Hello kumar sir ungaluku yeppa maark sheet vanthuchu..nenga entha district..

  287. KUMAR Says:

    frnz friday vanthuruchu naan monday dist sivangangai..cnt me (

  288. SELVA Says:

    kumar pls contact me 9843834371,,

  289. ravi Says:

    Hello frnds.. Na tetla paper 2 la 90marks bt b.ed oru paperla arrear iruku next month tha supplementery eludhanum ipa na tetla 90 eduthathu waste’a next ena pananum pls guide me

  290. ravi Says:

    C.v ku pona score card tharuvangala next year use aguma ila reject paniruvangala itha pathi details therunjavunga pls guide me frnds

  291. SELVA Says:

    ravi supplementry edluthi attern pandlam … waste agathu

  292. Raji.sp Says:

    Hello ravi nenga cv atten panunga..tet certificate year job ku verification again kupuduvanga.

  293. Raji.sp Says:

    This year trb will put you year again you will be called for verification..

  294. SELVA Says:

    oh my god ena en ipty pandra… MARK SHEET SEEKIRAM ANIPIRU PA HEAD VEDICHURUM…. pola irukke…

  295. SELVA Says:


  296. KUMAR Says:

    intha month convocation..naan revaluation la pass pannen..enakum sernthu varuma

  297. SELVA Says:

    1.provisional 2.mark sheet 3. T.c varum covication next year tha varum 9688845351

  298. joyce pushpa john xavier Says:

    kindly send my revaluation result My reg. no. B12116538 commerce paper-II. Kindly help me to retrieve the marks.

  299. joyce pushpa john xavier Says:

    As in the net the site is not responding / not accepting the register no.

  300. Selva Says:

    Re value results not now in website so pls conduct ur college 9688845351

  301. ravi Says:

    Thank u frnds

  302. saru Says:

    eppo da convacation varum

  303. suresh Says:

    pls any tell me supplementary results date
    any one help me pls

  304. suresh Says:

    pls any tell me supplementary results date
    any one help me pls
    my number 9952198486

  305. inbha Says:

    today varum r 3 day kulla varum.

  306. Nandhu Says:

    Pls anyone help when will b.ed arrear exams results published

  307. Ramesh Says:

    Pls help me anyone who knows when will b.ed arrear exams results published

  308. Venkat Says:

    When will be the supplementary results published?

  309. ravi Says:

    Na tetla pass c.v ku vera cl panitanga ana inum supplementary result varla ena reject paniduvangala

  310. ravi Says:

    Na inaiku university ku cl panunen inum valuation mudiyalayam result vara days agumnu sonanga jan last la than varumam

  311. ravi Says:

    Na inaiku university ku cl panunen inum valuation mudiyalayam result vara inum 10 days agumnu sonanga jan last la than varumam

  312. Stalin Says:

    I got TET pass so eagerly waiting for supplementary result
    any one help result date 9952198486

  313. Venkat Says:

    Thank u ravi for ur information if any further… i eagerly waiting for ur message …8-)

  314. Prabhu Says:

    i hav pass in paper 2. 23 cv.
    but re.exam result varalai.
    same prblm erukaravanga conduct panunga

  315. Venkat Says:

    I think today there is a chance to publish the results otherwise ravi’s words itself let see..

  316. Stalin Says:

    who are waiting for supplementary result and pass TET pls call me

  317. Stalin Says:

    who are waiting for supplementary result and pass TET pls call me 9952198486

  318. Stalin Says:

    result will be published February 1st week any body TET pass and waiting for result then call me

  319. Stalin Says:

    result will be published February 1st week any body TET pass and waiting for result then call me 9952198486

  320. ravi Says:

    Na inaiku cl panunen inum 1 month agumnu solranga

  321. Venkat Says:

    Pls comments genuinely don’t misuse it, bcs some other people may disturb i heard someone says rslt will be Feb 1st week ,and ather one says after one month which one is genuine ?

  322. Selva Says:

    Dont worry friends results quick ah varum ellarukum all the best 9688845351

  323. Maniyarasan.c Says:

    Friends result vantha mez pannunga plz my number 9865969532

  324. Venkat Says:

    Now i get big big relief, bcs i checked the sup rslts 10 times a day, everytime i dissapointed with tnteu, but today i feel very happy like rebirth to me, ” i am passed in sup exams” and i would like to say thank u for all my friends those who gave me a company , btw the time of exm and results ” and more spl thanks to TNTEU thanks thanks thanks..

  325. ravi Says:

    Re exam la pass panavungalukum athuku munadi pass panavungalukum onna than convocation varuma epa varum yarukathu therunja solunga

  326. kumaR Says:

    convocation vanthuruntha april mnth varanum.innum varala athanala next year thaan varum

  327. satheesh Says:

    Anybody knowing the TNTUE, Date of Revaluation Result, please Message me My Number is : 9787560674

  328. benaseer.n Says:

    iam feel every day bed aasaiyoda padichen but nan? en life adhan. romba kastama iruku naan nalla tha exam eluthunen. eppa sir revation result poduvenga?

  329. RAJA Says:

    inform b.ed revaluation result

  330. Haja allaudeen Says:

    pls inform the revalution result date this 2014 batch

  331. vijai Says:

    hi tnteu sikiram revalution result podunga;

  332. dhenesh Says:

    Eapa sir results veduvega rapa kastama iruku sir.apram.en comments patha napargala results vantha cal panuga pls 8122489975